Canada Women’s goalkeeper, Stephanie Labbé, has conquered the world of soccer. Known for her triumphant saves and advocating for equality in her sport, Steph’s name sits alongside legends of the women’s game. But behind the stadium lights is her reality. Shut Out is an intimate journey about how mental health can affect even those we deem untouchable – and how a girl from Alberta competed her way to the top, to change the game for generations of female players to come.

The feature documentary is being released in 2024.

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Cassie De Colling


Matt Lawrence Dix

Line Producer

Luis Guerra


Andrea Wing


Karina Jesson


Coline DeBray

Colour and Finishing

Elemental Post

Music Supervisor

Alec Hanham


Sound Shepherds

Executive Producer

Stuart Gillies

Executive Producer

Ken Tsui

Services Provided

Story, Scripting, Cinematography, Production, Post-Production