Wallop Film is a creative production house

Wallop Film believes in impactful storytelling. Our perspective is ever-evolving, and it’s through this lens that we tailor-fit every project with our team of creatives. We’ve collaborated with prominent brands, agencies and crews around the world to create award-winning work. Keeping agile throughout the changing landscape allows us to welcome partnerships and minds who share our core values & believe in the transformative power of film.

There are three filmmaking wings at Wallop; Branded, Narrative and Documentary.  The cross-pollination of these three genres enhances our evolving commitment to creating impactful work.


We craft each client’s creative from the ground up. Each story is supported by creative and strategic planning that lifts the narrative off paper and into servicing the production. We believe that communication and forecasting are the pillars of building a successful shoot.


Our approach to the production phase of every project is to bring in the right people for the job. We pride ourselves in our ability to scale up for productions on a case-by-case basis, allowing us to bring value to our partners and create the impactful work we set out to achieve. Bringing together the right people is key to our work.


Once back in the studio, we maintain an open dialogue with our clients and collaborators throughout the post-production process. We integrate motion graphics, colour grading, sound design, and score in order to fine-tune every aspect of our projects harmoniously. Our goal is to always deliver films that resonate successfully with their audiences and stand out in aesthetic, tone & messaging.


Strategic clarity during the concept inception is as important to us as every other stage of production. Our expertise for customized content is paired with a tailored distribution strategy to ensure each piece lands with the intended audience(s). Whether the goal is digital, social or traditional broadcast channels, we know how to make your content resonate through a directed reach. Our sister company Wallop – This link opens a new browser tab. offers digital marketing support in key target markets.

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Our Values

Wallop has a dedicated policy to hiring teams that represent and promote BIPOC and gender diversity, in addition to our ongoing commitment to the environmental organization  1% for the Planet.

Our Team

At the heart of Wallop Film is our in-house team. Our collective diversity and international experience is what shapes our identity & guides every project from concept through to delivery.

Partner & Director

Martin Glegg

Head Of Documentary

Matt Lawrence Dix

Senior Producer

Katherine Koniecki


Sydney Robertson

Director & Editor

Alexander Farah


David Murawsky


Stephen Saugestad


Kevin (Jin Kwan) Kim

Finance & Operations

Alison Courage