Meet You At The Light

Meet You At The Light is a music video that offers a glimpse into the rich and tender day-to-day relationship between a daughter and her diabetic dad, within an immigrant South Asian household. As the eldest child and primary caregiver to her ailing father, she wears this badge with nobility and honor despite how challenging it may be to navigate her father’s mental, physical and emotional well-being.

The film was funded through MVP Prism Prize and Creative BC and produced by Wallop Film and Dunya Media. The work won a Vimeo staff pick and was showcased by Booooooom, Director’s Notes, Director’s Library, and Film Shortage.

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Alexander Farah


Shyam Valera


Kashif Pasta

Director of Photography

Farhad Ghaderi

Production Design

Charlie Hannah


Alexander Farah

Sound mix

Eugenio Battaglia


Sam Gilling

Services Provided

Writing, Direction, Post-Production