Destination Canada

Alberta, Canada

Destination Canada commissioned Wallop Film to create a video that showcased Alberta across winter and spring. Over 5 days we captured as many different scenes and moments as possible to create a video that will be distributed to American audiences.

In partnership with our friends at Point Blank Creative, Wallop Film handled the creative, pre-production, production of this video.

Music ‘Brighton’ by Alagoas.


Wallop Film are an amazing team to work with. They took our creative brief and brought it to life; creating a visual story that really captured the sense of warmth and excitement that Canada has to offer. Working on a tight timeline and with all sorts of moving parts – they delivered above and beyond.

Adam Brownfield, Global Marketing, CTC

What we provided:

  • Creative Direction
  • Production
  • Cinematography
  • Colour grading
  • Social Media Content